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'Uniting kiwi's and other nationalities throughout the world with a common passion’.

RIP Legend Jonah Lomu

Here is a piece we made for the NZ All Blacks rugby legend Jonah Lomu. He passed away today on the 18 November 2015. He will be missed.

“Another legend has left, but will live on within memories.” NZS

NZS Hang Tags

Here are our new sexy hangtags! We have gone for a rustic look. What do you think? Hangtags friend T-Shirt needs some attention also so go over to our store and get a tee on sale now!

Kiwi Afternoon Tea – RWC Semi Finals

Kiwi and Springbok
Kiwi catching a springbok. Early prediction for the Rugby World Cup 2015 semi finals! Find the cheeky Japanese hand.

We might be a bit cocky making this one but SHARE THIS if you think we are going to beat South Africa in the semi finals! Go the Allblacks!

#NZVSSA #Allblacks #RWC15

The Sauce Revolution Tee

Reuniting kiwi brothers all around the globe using saucery and bro-cus pocus, NZ Saucers aims to coat your torso in lager-loving glory.

So whether you’re enjoying an Epic under the statue of Eros, or supping on a Steiney in Stockholm, this tip top tee will have you looking more majestic than Sonny Bill atop a unicorn. The tee is constructed from 100% cotton for supreme breathability and comfort, and has been pre-shrunk to carefully follow the contours of your ripped abs and guns.

You love Aotearoa, you love a good lager. Why not combine the two and wear your heart on your chest? Grab the tee that tells the world and keep it kiwi.



Euro Summer Special!

For those people in places like Europe summer is about to hit! Checkout our Guys and Girls singlets!

Are You ‘Big’ on Singlets?

Here is one of our NZS models wearing our Girls ‘College Spirit’ singlet. Great for summer where ever in the world you are. Hot!!!NZS_Girls_Singlet_Model

Black Billy Tee Special

The Black Billy Tee Special slim fit is now available at our store! Get it on ya!

Billy Tee Spesh Model Shot

This is our latest Tee! Epic indeed! Oh yes!

The New Style of the NZS Classic Black Shirts

The New Style of the NZS Classic Black Shirts

These were the 1st of the new style Classic Blacks to be printed. They were done by the staff at ‘Wild Kiwi’ in Tauranga which is a nation wide Kiwiana supplier.

Saucy Enough!?!

Saucy Enough!?!

Some of the girls ‘wearing’ our old NZS Originals! Stop being a perv!

New NZS Guys and Girls Singlets

NEW NZS Clothing T-Shirts

These are our new ‘College Spirit’ Guys & Girls Singlets! In time for the NZ & Aus summer, these will be added to the shop very soon..

NZS Clothing Girls Classic Black

These here are the original Classics!!! The Barry Crumps of T-Shirts!!! Awesome for taking to sport games. Thats what we do anyway. Wear them and represent! The Guys versions are in our store already. The Girls are on their way! Cheeeaaaa

NZS Emblem Grey Fitted Tee

New 2014 design fitted t-shirts! We sell these pretty fast. Big hit in Aus and the UK also. Check them out in our store. These are available in Girls also. NOW ON SALE!

NZS College Spirit Singlet

The College Spirit will take you back to the days of your youth! Smashing back and lager and a bag of cheap wine on the beach. Not yet in store but send us a message and we can get one out to you early for a special price. NZ Summer is coming!

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